About me

Hi, I started out life in Tamworth, where I did outside broadcasts for a community radio station. But I was in trouble.. I was in danger of being cast out, thrown away & abandoned.. it’s true! Then, Sarah & Lolo Lovina found me, loved me, drove me all the way to Sydney, gutted me (ouch!) and I was re-built to the gorgeous & unique creature I am now..Lolo, the Gypsy Caravan Stage! a little more about me: I, ‘Lolo’ am a 16 foot, 1978 Viscount Royale, aluminium, deep red spotted, antique white Gypsy caravan that converts to a stage in less than 2 minutes! I have been modified so that my left wall is piano hinged at the top, which when pushed out, becomes a steel framed, steel supported awning. This then reveals my lounge room interior complete with retro, wrap around, cushioned lounge seat, imported red flock wallpaper, antique mantle clock, b&w pictures of Lolo Lovina’s Gypsy ancestors, old suitcases, air tickets, maps, a world globe, flying ducks, rich red lamps etc… I am particularly appealing at night (if I don’t say so myself!) complete with fairy lights and the inner glow of my red lamps. As my stage is close to the ground, this creates a very intimate area for performance to occur. I have my very own sound system, am am all ready to go!

My uses include, but are not limited to;

  • Weddings
  • Parties (kids, adults, stuck somewhere in-between)
  • An alternate festival stage to showcase Gypsy styled bands, circus music, jazz & acoustic bands
  •  Surrounded by circus performers
  • I am extra fabulous (modesty!) next to a projection screen, projecting images/film relating to the music being played. Perhaps creating a Gypsy, circus side, show alley at the festival.
  • As a set for children’s theatre (Lolo Lovina have a children’s gypsy show to perform in me).
  • A platform for workshops to be launched from.
  • on another note, I also have a brilliant cappuccino machine, some very spunky baristas & officially the best chai in the known (unknown) universe

Specifications: • 240 volt power • Road access • Preferably to be housed on solid ground in case of bogging – or access to a tractor if this occurs! • I cannot be opened in the rain, but will happily sit waiting for the sun to shine!


Online bookings via:


Contact me! (or my friend Sarah Bedak )



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